Greetings. My name is Kinkin. I'm a Bachelor of Computer Science Graduate from University of Surabaya (UBAYA) with a Cum Laude predicate (3.65 GPA). Now i am working as a Web Developer and also as a Freelance Programmer.

I am very passionate about computer in general; I have been in touch with it since i was on my kindergarden days. You could say that computer is my whole life (i sound so sad saying this lol).

I am also having a big interest in Japanese Pop Culture, such as Anime, Manga, Games, Light Novels, et cetera. I guess it's obvious considering how this website is designed? XD

Although, i am also interested in Korean Pop Culture too, such as K-Dramas, Manhwa, some K-Pops (especially those K-Dramas' soundtracks).

With that said, i work basically to pay my hobbies XD. Not a bad reason to work if i so myself. Of course i also enjoy developing programs and websites (as long as it's not hard lol) As i said before, aside from my main job i also do some freelance programming (and also freelance web developing of course).

Please mail me at or if you're interested in developing programs and/or websites.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Life is a game, so you should enjoy it. - Alice in Borderland